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Advisers USA was organized to provide an integrated vision, functional business model, and compliance oversight for three participating financial services companies involved in providing a broad range of financial services to individuals and corporations.

The three affiliated companies boast a collaborative team approach to doing financial services which result in a superior integrated planning process in contrast to the fragmented processes generally available from advisers who seldom if ever collaborate with providers from other financial professions. The model is designed to provide comprehensive wealth management services from planning to implementation and ongoing administration, all under one roof.

  • Turner Financial Group, Inc. provides comprehensive, integrated wealth management services including financial planning, investment advisory services, estate planning, tax coaching, and portfolio management services. The company is registered in Florida and Alabama. We do the things other advisers forget.
  • Insurance Advisers USA, LLC provides strategic risk management services through fixed insurance tools such as life insurance, long-term care insurance and fixed annuities. The company is a registered insurance agency in Florida with individual agents appointed in both Florida and Alabama. We provide protection when you need it most.
  • Tax Advisers USA, LLC provides business development and corporate registration services, bookkeeping and payroll services, QuickBooks accounting software setup, trouble-shooting, training and support services, and strategic tax planning and tax preparation services for individuals and small to mid-sized companies. We will save you money and time so you can concentrate on your bottom line.

We Simplify the Process for You

When was the last time your financial adviser and your tax preparer met together to talk about you and your financial plan? Advisers USA, LLC was founded on the idea that if given the choice, you would prefer a financial planning team whose members meet together to talk about you as part of a single planning process leading from analysis to implementation, and who develop a comprehensive, integrated plan that provides solutions to the most perplexing problems of your financial life; a team with access to state-of-the-art financial planning concepts and tools needed to create and implement a financial plan that fits the real world in which real people live (your world) all in one place and under one roof.

Advisers USA, LLC offers a new choice for smart investors who want to simplify their financial lives without depriving themselves of the best the financial industry has to offer. If that’s what you want, call us; we can help.

Flexibility and access to great tools

You need flexibility to adjust to change. True flexibility requires access to a variety of solutions and tools, not just products that one company or another might have to offer. Since you are the boss and we are independent, you can have that flexibility and access.

Who We Are

Founded by Benny M. Turner, Advisers USA, LLC is a consortium of three affiliated financial service companies. More

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We provide wealth advisory and management services, risk management services and business and tax services. More

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Our integrated processes provide exceptional value because you receive prompt attention. More

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We can work with you to develop a unique and objective "investment plan" for investing in your life. More