Our Unified Vision

We will provide Northwest Florida with a fully functional, collaborative team of highly skilled financial planning and wealth management specialists from a broad range of financial disciplines including investments, taxation, risk management and business development. We will serve individuals who are retired or about to retire, and owners of small to mid-sized businesses who see the value of our collaborative team approach and want the superior integrated planning processes it produces rather than the fragmented processes available from so many other providers. Every interaction will be intentionally informed by distinctly Christian values developed over a lifetime of serving God by serving people.

Our Unified Mission

We will help individuals to create and grow their wealth, protect and grow their life savings, plan the tax-advantaged distribution of their life savings while they are alive, and the tax-advantaged transfer of their assets at their death so they can live their personal dreams for a happy confident retirement free from financial worry.

Who We Are

Founded by Benny M. Turner, Advisers USA, LLC is a consortium of three affiliated financial service companies. More

What We Do

We provide wealth advisory and management services, risk management services and business and tax services. More

Why Choose Us

Our integrated processes provide exceptional value because you receive prompt attention. More

Our Process

We can work with you to develop a unique and objective "investment plan" for investing in your life. More