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Our integrated processes provide exceptional value because you receive prompt attention from a team of skilled professionals with your greatest concerns as our greatest concern.

The benefits of working with us include the following:

  • Find and resolve problems others have missed; we pay attention to the details
  • Keep more of your hard-earned money by reducing fees and taxes related to investing
  • Get full disclosure, relevant information, and sound actionable advice so you can make better financial decisions
  • Get access to an incredible array of financial tools and increase investment potential by using the right tool for the job
  • Gain control over your financial future with a detailed written plan for people living in the real world; your world
  • Grow and preserve your wealth, protect your life savings, and reduce the risk to your bottom line by using our proprietary planning process
  • Reduce or eliminate taxes so you can save, spend, or give more
  • Live better longer; use our income distribution planning tools to create lifetime inflation-adjusted income
  • Transfer more of your wealth and life savings to your heirs by using our estate planning tools
  • Get answers to all of your financial questions
  • Simplify your financial life; get it all in one place and save money, save time and  save aggravation while remaining in control of the process
  • Avoid going mad with the herd.



Who We Are

Founded by Benny M. Turner, Advisers USA, LLC is a consortium of three affiliated financial service companies. More

What We Do

We provide wealth advisory and management services, risk management services and business and tax services. More

Why Choose Us

Our integrated processes provide exceptional value because you receive prompt attention. More

Our Process

We can work with you to develop a unique and objective "investment plan" for investing in your life. More