Our Basic Investment Philosophy

“It’s not what you make but what you keep that matters.” Accordingly, we emphasize well-diversified, laddered investment strategies that are tailored to your unique needs throughout your lifetime. We believe that being “in the market” plays a pivotal role in your ability to outpace inflation and reach your goals. We also believe that being well diversified means that a certain portion of your portfolio should never be exposed to market risks. We believe in minimizing your ongoing costs including fees and tax liabilities over time in order to maximize your reward.
Since we provide full disclosure and we are bound to act in your best interest, you will be able to review alternatives and choose the best plan for your situation.

Portfolio Management

We believe that four main factors will influence your success as an investor: diversification, asset allocation, expenses and taxes. We have no control over the financial markets, so we concentrate on the things we can control. We will help you determine the allocation of your portfolio to minimize the performance drag of expenses and taxes by choosing the lowest-cost and most tax-efficient investment and savings vehicles available to us, and we will use tax harvesting to minimize the impact of gains, especially as each calendar year closes.

Process and Tools

Portfolio management services are provided on a limited discretionary basis and involve building and managing globally diversified portfolios tailored to your financial goals and risk tolerance using various financial tools including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Pooled securities (actively-managed and indexed mutual no-load funds, exchange-traded funds, unit investment trusts, etc.),
  • Individual securities (stocks, corporate and municipal bonds, etc.),
  • No-load variable annuity and variable life contracts, and banking, and
  • Fixed insurance instruments (certificates of deposit, immediate and deferred traditional annuities, fixed-indexed annuities, etc.).

The costs of investing can be high; we can help

It is easy to pay too much in fees and commissions. Finding the least expensive way to buy and manage your assets can save you lots of money over time. Saving you money is a big part of our job, and any savings we find goes straight to your bottom line. As part of our initial consultation process we do our best to determine what you are paying now and contrast that with other options available. We work hard to find you the most appropriate investment opportunities while minimizing fees.

Management Fees

Portfolio management fees range from 1/4th of 1% to 2.00% annually and are based on the amount of assets under management and the level of management for which you contract. We do not impose a minimum account balance but we do have a minimum management fee of $1,000 per year. For a full discussion of our fees see the Turner Financial Group, Inc. ADV Part II and Schedule F available elsewhere on this site.
When you contract with us for portfolio management, your ongoing account services and yearly reviews are included without additional charge. Additional advisory services or consultations are available on an individual project basis. Fees for additional services are charged based on the complexity of the work involved and the time required to provide the services.
Where fixed instruments are appropriate, Benny will act as an independent agent to find, arrange for purchase, and help you acquire these products. In this capacity Benny is paid a fee by the supplier and you will not be charged management fees on those assets.

Variable Instruments

Securities are subject to a variety of risks including market (systemic) risk and legislative risk. Your securities accounts are always managed in accordance with the written investment/financial plan developed for you through our proprietary planning process.

Fixed Instruments

Fixed instruments are not normally subject to market risks, nor do they normally require active management. This provides a unique opportunity. By using fixed instruments for certain portions of your portfolio instead of market based instruments that are subject to market risks and management fees, you may significantly reduce your portfolio’s overall management costs and risks.
One example of this would be the use of a fixed annuity in place of mutual funds or dividend paying stocks to generate an income stream. As you know, mutual funds and stocks can lose value, and growth rates cannot be predicted. In contrast, fixed annuities boast principal guarantees and guaranteed rates of return that make future income more predictable and principal more secure.

Account Reviews

We provide the benefit of professional oversight of your accounts. We constantly study economic conditions & markets, and consider the impact of changes in your personal situation. We regularly review your managed accounts to ensure they are within your investment plan’s parameters. We constantly seek the best practices and tools to meet your objectives. We also encourage you to review our management of your accounts with us at least yearly.

Brokerage Practices & Custody

All your assets will be held in your name by a third-party custodian. We will never have custody of your assets, including cash. We will, however, normally have discretionary authority over your portfolio so that we can trade, buy, and sell assets on your behalf in accordance with your plan or specific written instructions. We will never accept instructions from anyone other than the owner of an account unless we have written permission signed by the owner.

No secrets and no spinning the facts

You need good information about everything you put your money into. We believe in your ability to make good decisions when you have good information. Since we have a fiduciary responsibility, you won’t just hear a fluffy, pie-in-the-sky sales pitch. We will help you understand the risks and costs of being where you are and help you avoid the mistakes commonly made by investors who are considering a change. If where you are is a good place, we’ll tell you that too. You deserve straight answers.

Investment style

Our investment style includes both “strategic” and “tactical” management models, which positions us to potentially participate in both long-term and short-term gains. Thus, any investment plan we develop for you will typically use strategies designed to weather market changes comfortably and profitably and to do so for the long term.

No more risk than is absolutely necessary

Risk is defined as “the chance of injury or loss” or “vulnerability to undesirable consequences”. One of the keys to our success is an unwillingness to accept more risk than is necessary to reach your stated goals and objectives. Your risks are managed by first developing an objective and prudent investment plan that suits your needs and preferences. Then we apply asset allocation rules to ensure diversification, use fixed instruments to protect critical “can’t afford to lose” assets, and laddering of investment maturities to ensure availability at critical points along the way; all the while considering your risk tolerance and time horizon.

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